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Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

Stainless steel cable mesh material is used high quality stainless steel wire cable, the stainless steel grade includes type 304, type 304 L, type 316, type 316L. The structures of the stainless steel wire cable have 7 x 7 and 7 x 19.

Stainless steel cable mesh is transparent and innovative. Wire cable mesh can be used in all kinds of applications including balustrades on bridges and staircases, flexible zoo enclosures, large barrier fences, and building facade trellis systems. 

Stainless Steel Cable Mesh Stainless Steel Cable Mesh 

Flexible stainless steel cable mesh(Ferruled Type)
Item No.sCable diameterMesh Opening(W x H)Normal Break
SL-3212K1/83.24.75 x 8.23120 x 207.81,600
SL-3210K1/83.24 x 6.9102 x 176.71,600
SL-3290K1/83.23.55 x 6.1590 x 1561,600
SL-3276K1/83.23 x 5.276 x 131.61,600
SL-3251K1/83.22 x 3.4651 x 88.31,600
SL-2410K3/322.44 x 6.9102 x 176.7920
SL-2490K3/322.43.55 x 6.1590 x 156920
SL-2476K3/322.43 x 5.276 x 131.6920
SL-2460K3/322.42.4 x 4.1660 x 104920
SL-2451K3/322.42 x 3.4651 x 88.3920
SL-2076K5/642.03 x 5.276 x 131.6676
SL-2060K5/642.02.4 x 4.1660 x 104676
SL-2051K5/642.02 x 3.4651 x 88.3676


Stainless Steel Cable Mesh Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

Flexible stainless steel cable mesh(Knotted Type)
Item No.sCable diameterMesh Opening(W x H)Cable Structure
SL-4021B4.0210 x 2107 x 19SL-4021B4.0
SL-4018B4.0180 x 1807 x 19SL-4018B4.0
SL-4015B4.0150 x 1507 x 19SL-4015B4.0
SL-4012B4.0120 x 1207 x 19SL-4012B4.0
SL-3021B3.0210 x 2107 x 19SL-3021B3.0
SL-3018B3.0180 x 1807 x 7SL-3018B3.0
SL-3015B3.0150 x 1507 x 7SL-3015B3.0
SL-2013B3.0120 x 1207 x 7SL-2013B3.0
SL-3010B3.0100 x 1007 x 7SL-3010B3.0
SL-3075B3.075 x 757 x 7SL-3075B3.0
SL-2018B2.0180 x 1807 x 7SL-2018B2.0
SL-2015B2.0150 x 1507 x 7SL-2015B2.0
SL-2012B2.0120 x 1207 x 7SL-2012B2.0
SL-2010B2.0100 x 1007 x 7SL-2010B2.0
SL-2075B2.075 x 757 x 7SL-2075B2.0
SL-2060B2.060 x 607 x 7SL-2060B2.0
SL-2050B2.050 x 507 x 7SL-2050B2.0
SL-1510B1.5100 x 1007 x 7SL-1510B1.5
SL-1575B1.575 x 757 x 7SL-1575B1.5
SL-1560B1.560 x 607 x 7SL-1560B1.5
SL-1550B1.550 x 507 x 7SL-1550B


 On 2014.11.22 our stainless steel cable rope mesh for high footbridge named" Highline 179" passed through "GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS". It is one 1,318.9 ft long bridge with our cable rope mesh as protection.

It is Shuolong's big glory, which encourages us to provide with you best products and best service.

Stainless Steel Cable Mesh


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